International Journal of

Business & Management Studies

ISSN 2694-1430 (Print), ISSN 2694-1449 (Online)


September 2021
Analyzing U.S. Birth and Population with Structural Time Series Models

Jae J. Lee

Keywords: U.S. Birth; U.S. Population; Structural time series model; State Space Form; Kalman filter Pages : 01 - 08

AIS Survey: Student Needs

William X Graves

Keywords: U.S. Birth; U.S. Population; Structural time series model; State Space Form; Kalman filter Pages : 09 - 20

An Empirical Analysis of Exchange Rates Cointergrating System

Jinghong Li

Keywords: Cointegration, Time series, Japanese yen, South Korean won, Stationary Pages : 21 - 23

The Experience and Follow-up Feedback of Low-carbon Tourism for Seniors: Taking Taipei's Yangmingshan Jingshan Rosort Hotel as the Research Target

Chen Ching-Ho

Keywords: Green value, Low-carbon tourism, Senior citizen, Jingshan Rosort Hotel Pages : 24 – 32

Gamificacion Para Entorno Virtual De Aprendizaje Utilizando Dispositivos Moviles

Nicanor Concepcion Garcia

Palabras clave: Gamificacion, aprendizaje colaborativo, recursos educativos, herramientas tecnologicas. video juego Pages : 33 – 42


Tahir Mahmutefendic

Keywords: Democracy, Inequality, Hypothesis, National sovereignty, Hyper-globalization Pages : 43 - 55

Public and private investment in the roots of the mobile phone industry in Spain: Indelec, 1984-2003

Angel Calvo

Keywords: INDELEC, Mobile telephony, Radiotelephone, Companies, Industrial policy, Alliances Pages: 01- 26

Financial Literacy and Personal Investment Decision: SEM Approach for Employees of Central Bank of Nigeria

Olajide Olubayo Thomas, Efetabore Macduff Okorode, Ajibola Arewa

Keywords: Financial literacy, Financial discipline, Financial behavior, Financial knowledge Pages: 27- 36

A Narrow-gage Financial Transaction Tax: Does the Financial Transaction Tax in Europe have a chance?

Prof. Dr. Alexander Burger

Keywords: Assessment base, Banks, Euro, FAT, Financial activity tax, Financial transaction tax, Financial transaction Pages: 37 - 47

The impact of M&A experience on performance: An empirical analysis of the Brazilian case

Maíra Galuzio Barile, Adriana Bruscato Bortoluzzo

Keywords: Merger & acquisition; Performance; Acquisition experience Pages: 48- 60

Testing the Existence of the Balassa-Samuelson Effect in the Southeast European Countries

Vedad Sehanovic

Keywords: Balassa-Samuelson effect, purchasing power parity, real exchange rate, productivity, inflation Pages: 61 - 76