International Journal of

Business & Management Studies

ISSN 2694-1430 (Print), ISSN 2694-1449 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijbms

These FAQ’s are designed to provide a better understanding of the publication process and terms & conditions. Feel free to email us at for further clarification. Your query will be resolved within 07 working hours. We will be happy to help you.


How do I submit the paper??


You can submit the paper by simply mailing us at editor@ijbms.netYou will get the manuscript ID as a token of receiving the manuscript within 2 days & reply regarding the acceptance of the manuscript by the Editorial Board will be provided in 7 days (Approx.)


How much time would the review process take??


Each submission undergoes a detailed but rapid review by our respected reviewers. The review process will be completed expectedly within 5-7 days.


I haven’t received any notification even after 7 days of submission!


Depending on your personal spam filter settings it is possible that the notification email may be directed to your spam folder rather than your inbox. If this is not the case, we request you to send a mail directly to us, you shall be informed on the status within 24 hours.


Can I pay the publication fee through Visa Debit/Credit Cards?


Yes, you can do that. For that you have to just notify us via E-mail. A payment link will be sent to you through E-mail following which you can complete the Payment easily.


Do you provide any certificate??


Yes, we provide Digital Certificates to the authors.


Do you provide any review report??


Yes, we provide review report for every accepted paper (conditions applied).


Can I make any correction in my paper after the publication??


There is no scope of correction after the publication.


Is the publication fee negotiable??


No, the publication fee is fixed.


Do you issue the official acceptance letter??


Yes, we can officially acknowledge the corresponding author about the acceptance of the article on his/her demand.


Will the reviewed manuscript be sent before the final publication??


Yes, the edited copy will be sent to the author for final review before publication. 


Exactly in what time of the month the Title issue is going to be published??


In 7 days after acceptance.


Do you provide any hard copy??


“Save Papers, Save Trees” …we are encouraging authors for paperless online publication which is globally accepted. Author(s) will be entitled to one copy of the printed journal with free of charge i.e. one printed copy is provided against one article disregarding the number of the authors. Authors can also get additional copies of the printed journal by paying 50 USD for each.