International Journal of

Business & Management Studies

ISSN 2694-1430 (Print), ISSN 2694-1449 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijbms
For Reviewers

Under the Peer Review process, IJBMS follows a Double Blinded Review process where both the reviewer & author remain anonymous to each other.

In the intangible field of knowledge, setting a parameter could be incompatible with the immediate thought. One has to follow a certain norm while adjudging an article, when it comes to precision and appraisal. These are as follows: -


Confidential: Confidentiality is a key of proficiency.  We recommend a secret review process that is not shared between the reviewer and the author. This is entirely an individual product of the reviewer, where the judgment is made upon certain measures, essential to a collective research   area. Professional asceticism is desirable.


Blind review: Blind review is meant for fair-dealing. In these process, the reviewer is kept unknown of the authors’ identity and whereabouts. This process serves the assurance of consistency& neutrality on the part of the reviewer.


Specified time: Time is given huge fair value. The entire review process is a meticulous analysis within a restricted time period. With a touch of expertise and knowledge, the reviewer has to adhere to a given deadline.


Language: Language is the career of idea. So it needs to be well-structured, simpler and familiar in order to merge with a lucid style of paraphrasing the different beneficial points and comments. Therefore, a smart diction is desirable on the part of the reviewer.


Research: A multi-disciplinary journal has an extensive research area. The reviewer is not supposed to lose his/her foothold in the maze of multiple studies. These articles should be reviewed following the conventional research methodology.


Authenticity: Keeping relevance with the context, the submission has to be original in words and in idea. Reviewer should judge an article with respect to its genuineness. Every article should possess some exponential constituent within it. If the reviewer finds any sort of lacking in originality, the article should immediately be passed on to the editor mentioning the reference portion along with its unique manuscript ID.