International Journal of

Business & Management Studies

ISSN 2694-1430 (Print), ISSN 2694-1449 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijbms
Conceptual Thinking of Power “Think – Imagin” Fingering-Abilities


The power subject is difficult. Aborded it in Conceptual Thinking (CT) is very difficult. It's demanded a large and extensive experience in research. CT proposed in this article is innovative. It provides and develops a central and main element of CT: ideation. This CT offers a whole panoply of approaches to realize this ideation. She coordinates the "think-Imagine" specific to CT projected. She proposed ideation approach for R&D studies in firms.
          The foundation of this CT comes in two parts: “Highlighting the foundations of CT”; and “Maximize and optimize ideation in “Macro-concept - Quantum Gates””. The two components complement each other and develop the capacities and giving “Fingering-abilities, Power”. The whole approach allows, on the one hand to “Think and Imagine” in research by giving the broadest and most complete possible openness of mind and ideation; and, on the other hand, "Design-Develop" is centered on the "say business" for business development.
           The ideation is the main basis of this research. This ideation is based on two phases: corroboration for the "course of things" (the course of events); and correlation for "state-of-things" (brain-like event analyses). The CT expect theories and practices in the social sciences, particularly in management and philosophy; and Analyze Information Technologies, in particular those of quantum. These research’ areas are necessary for thoughtful study CT and conditioning thought for “act of the mind”.
          The methodology is founded on more of forty years action researches. Diagnostic of the latter allow a validation of this CT. These parts and phases give and show the mechanisms, the gears, the constitution, the formalisms... of this CT. Most approaches to investigating ideation focus on the functioning of knowledge. CT proposed goes above and beyond by taking charge of skills and abilities by devoting itself to extended organizations for the absorptive capacities in co-trust synonymous with Power.