International Journal of

Business & Management Studies

ISSN 2694-1430 (Print), ISSN 2694-1449 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijbms
Crossing The Great Divide: South Asia High-Performance Work Systems


This study discusses qualitative research to profoundly understand South Asia's high-performance work systems (HPWS) development based on the Ability, Motivation, and Opportunities (AMO) model. Further, this study classifies three distinctive types of human resource (HR) practices — Takeuchi et al. (2007), Sun et al. (2007), and Chuang and Liao (2010) — into different sets of HR practices. Obtaining the conceptual concepts from the HPWS literature, this study tries to enhance our understanding by acquiring realistic ideas to propose a conceptual model involving several open questions that may provide scholars and practitioners more insights into understanding what HR practices constitute South Asia HPWS.