International Journal of

Business & Management Studies

ISSN 2694-1430 (Print), ISSN 2694-1449 (Online)
DOI: 10.56734/ijbms
Determining the Relationship between Information Technology and Leadership Style



The environment of future organizations are complicating day by day. Organizations are going to be multi cultural and global or at least in less develop countries; they are beyond of one city or province. The leaders of these organizations have to work with cultured diversity effectively any they use different styles of leadership. One of the concepts about this subject is conditional leadership which was brought up by "Paul Hersy" and "Kent Blanchard". This model Forms based of employees, readiness and suggests that one of the important factors of readiness is knowledge; and for this reason today's organizations value knowledge and educated employees.

The basis of knowledge is information and the way of recording, storing, reminding, and receiving of information is changing which is named information Technology. In this research based on conditional leadership theory, it is expected to see a relationship between Information Technology and leadership style in organizations; therefore this relationship has been investigated in Navy Research Institute of Bandar Anzali.

The output of questionnaires was analyzed by use of SAS software then the hypotheses were examined by use of correlation test and by 90 percent assurance it seems that there is a meaningful relationship between information technology and leadership styles and in research Institutions like Bandar Anzali Navy research institutions, this relation is important in strategic information level.